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Heads Of A Coin Essay

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Books are more than simple stories, they have a message to send, whether it be in a direct or indirect way. Books can also tell us about the author’s life, beliefs, inner ambitions and fears; Moreover, they often project the writer’s vision about their environment, reflecting their society in which they lived. Writers like F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernesto Guevara were capable, not only of portraying the society in which they are immerse, but also to convey them in an exquisite social critique. Such literary pieces of art do not criticize in a direct way, nor to specific people or events. They, however, present the vision of the author’s concern with social issues of injustice, misguided ...view middle of the document...

In case of the exquisite masterpiece “The Great Gatsby”, the book display how the elite of the United State of the 20’ lived. It present a period post World War I, resulted in a historical time where people wanted to live more and faster. People tried to win as much money and power as they could no matter what, to spend it deliberately and without thinking much about it. The selfishness and emptiness reigned during this period. Gatsby, the main character in Fitzgerald’s book pursuit what it is called the “American Dream”, because he thought that only through wealth he was going to be able to reach love and happiness. This strong believe is what guide Jay Gatsby and the characters in Fitzgerald’s book to try to reach these goals by any possible mean. At the end, the only thing that matters was appearance. Everything was opulent but spurious somehow As an example of this we have the scene in chapter three were the character called “Owl eyes” is amazed to realize that Gatsby’s books were real, and that the library was real and not made of empty covers that saved the appearance of an outstanding library.
In the case of the literary piece “Motorcycle Diaries”, Ernesto Guevara portrays the injustice and corruption that are involved in capitalism and the pursuit of money during the 1950’ in Latin America. At first their journey had as the only goal, the traveling and visiting of different countries. Both of them pursuit their happiness by the feeling of freedom traveling gave them, even when while they were traveling they had bad moments where they had cold and hungry, their lack of money was no matter for them. The sense Ernesto and Alberto gave for the trip change as they travel around Latin America. During their trip they were able to see and sometimes be part of the reality of the poor people living in the countries they visited. This condition were a by-product of the selfishness, individualism, loss of values and never ending ambition of those who have wealth.

Ernesto while he was on...

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