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Treating Depression: A Personal Battle Or A Combination Of Professional Treatments?

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Each year, 19 million Americans are affected by clinical depression, sometimes resulting in suicide (Emedicinehealth, 2011). This clinical depression is not merely a feeling of sadness. The illness affects every day activities and performance. Though there are different types of clinical depression, the most extreme case is major depressive disorder. The reoccurring disorder often prevents individuals from enjoying usually pleasurable activities and causes physical symptoms (Emedicinehealth, 2011). These individuals search for coping mechanisms and possible treatments. Seu (2008), a WORLD magazine writer, boldly stated that depression can be overcome by personally clearing your mind, living as though you are not depressed, and relying on spirituality. However, Manber et. al (2008) said that depression must be treated through a combination of psychotherapy and medication.
Seu (2008) acknowledges that depression is common. He wrote a number of suggestions for coping with the illness. Suggestions included: focusing on spiritual life, getting a good night rest, talking to your depression, finding a clear state of mind, living as though you are not depressed, and reminding yourself that there are individuals with greater problems than your own. An individual can battle depression without professional help (Seu, 2008).
In a study conducted, Manber et al. (2008) aimed to reach remission of depression in participants. They analyzed predictors of remission through receiver operating characteristic curve (ROC) (Manber et al. 2008). Authors defined remission to be a minimal level of symptoms for three consecutive weeks in the participants. Participants ages 18-75 were in three groups (Manber et. al 2008). The first group received an antidepressant medication, nefazodone, the second group participated in a cognitive behavioral analysis system of treatment (CBASP), and the third group received a combination of nefazodone and CBASP. Focusing on behavioral, cognitive, psychodynamic, and interpersonal procedures, the form of psychotherapy sought to help participants evaluate the relationship between their thoughts and behaviors which led to depression (Manber et. al 2008). This understanding was reached through situational analysis, where participants analyzed their own strenuous interpersonal experiences. These therapy sessions lasted for 12 weeks (Manber et. al 2008). Each participant received 16-20 sessions. Simultaneously, this third group started with a 200 mg dose of nefazodone per day. Each week the dose was adjusted by 100 mg until medication reached its highest efficacy. By the third week, each participant received a minimum of 300 mg per day and a maximum of 600 mg per day (Manber et al. 2008). The authors found that their combination of medication and psychotherapy produced remission from chronic depression faster than either of the single treatments (Manber et al. 2008). “Two profiles emerged as the best predictors of remission for...

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