Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm Essay

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Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

The concentration of a healing hospital is to make an environment which aids to decrease the tension level of patients and their kin. When the patients are transferred to the hospitals they went through a lot of tension and anxiety like, frightening of the unknown, hurting therapeutic processes, modification in financial status because of the increasing expenses due to hospitalizing and are considerable as most hard times of their life. By careful self evaluation of the fact that spirituality is one of the greatest key factor in the healing recovery stage, the healing hospitals goal is to enhance overall wellness of the patients and their relatives like brain, spiritual, and feeling needs of life (Eberst, 2008). This essay descript the factors of healing hospitals, their relation to spirituality, the mountains and barriers in making a healing environment and a biblical message that supports the procedure of healing hospitals.
` Factors of a Healing Hospital and their Relation to Spirituality
The healing hospital model focused on treating not only the epidemic disease or ill state of the patient but also the spiritual and feeling needs of the patient. According to Erie Chapman, a patient needs not only outer body healing but also healing of the psychological state of mind and spiritual self. There are three main factors of healing hospitals and they are making a healing in the physical sense of the environment, bringing together work style, technology, and a tradition of Extreme Love Care.
A Healing Physical Environment
Providing a loving and compassion filled environment that aesthetically pleases and gives comfort to the sick and relatives, and it enhances the healing steps. A still environment is needed for the patients to sleep which enhances cell living and healing. The standards like avoiding all the paging system, making nurses and health care workers with wireless cell phones, carpeting the textiles, and reducing the sound level in the hallways will help to give a peaceful and clamer free environment which gifts healing of the patient care, and also promises a calm stress free surrounding to medical staff members.
Bringing together Work Techniques and Digital Devices
Technologically level mechanics help to provide the excellence in healthcare services and helps to great steps and answers. Use of technology provide more privacy and secure for patients. The in room entertainments such TV channels with college programs, healing melodies, comical etc will make a relaxing environment for patients and their relatives. A great healing hospital will be able to bring together technology into the comforting environment delivered by compassion filled staff members.
A Culture of Extreme Affectionate Care:
According to the famous place leader Erie Chapman, the healing hospitals give and takes hold of the culture of a Radical Beloved Care”. The pre steps of healing hospitals uplifts the culture of caring and love...

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