Cultural Determinants Are Key To The Process Of Determining Health Problems And Disease Causes

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During the introductory part of the story Kidder, the author, meets Dr. Paul Farmer and we learn from the beginning much of Dr. Farmer’s character. Throughout the book we find Farmer as the heart, both strong and devoted to the long defeat. His caring heart and sacrificial lifestyle has led him to Haiti, Peru, and Russia to eradicate poverty by providing discovery medicine to fight infectious disease. His main focus was towards Haiti; as we learn he spent 8 of 12 months there every year and even sneaked in by bribery in one instance (Kidder, 2004). Throughout the book Kidder slowly realizes Farmer’s amazing character and his feat to meet the health needs of the poor globally, but is saddened when she gleaned the hard truth that he cannot do it alone (Kidder, 2004). Like Farmer, there are many professionals that work rigorously together in the field of public health in order to make a bigger splash in global health now but we all know a few popular names that have evinced great sacrifice. In order to eradicate poverty and overcome the long defeat professionals like Farmer must motivate their peers to work just as hard as they perform. Teams of the best Epidemiologists, Biostatisticians, Infectious disease professionals, and Public Health generalists have come together before, but are slowly tracking progression amongst global health.
In Farmer’s case, similar to epidemiologists, the patient’s religious and cultural beliefs were interfering with their best health course of action in Mountains Beyond Mountains. His response was professional, caring, loving, and effective as he ventured to provide health care to a people that generally don't accept Western medicine. I've found that building a relationship with the person and their beliefs, culture, and life makes achieving the goal of service easier because trust is earned and hope is maintained. The truth will set you free, just as Farmer wasted no time explaining the falseness of Voodoo, but rather provided concrete facts of health that did not conflicting with this particular case of disease.
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Connect the book is the field of epidemiology, the study and practice of the distribution and determinants of health in order to control and prevent disease. Those epidemiologists use many methods of investigation that are used to study distribution analytically (WHO, 2014). These studies will allow the general public to be healthier as the target population becomes healthier with decrease in the targeted disease. Dr. Farmer after completing his disease survey and research found that a determinant of the disease was cultural belief. Many times when epidemiologists conduct surveillance they find that disease is not affected only by a pathogen or carrier, but rather the source and cause is environment related. In public health the focus is environmental change that gleans population level development, which is the focus of the epidemiologist. Their role is to communicate findings with other...

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