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Health Aid And Global Benefits Essay

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For hundreds of years people around the world have experienced poverty in one way or another, some worse than others. Poverty is an issue that has not been able to be solve and has never been an easy topic to discuss due to the difficulty of helping those in need and the massive amount of people that suffer every year. Poverty will always exist no matter where you go or what you do. The problem with the environment, economy all seem to impact the same thing, which is the health of those living in poverty. Poor health has been one of the major concerns regarding poverty and it is the cause of high death rates in developing countries. The American influence on other countries or ...view middle of the document...

But, data from countries that have been receiving medical relieve shows that there has been a decreasing rate of child mortality under the age of five. Eran Bendavid’s long term research on health aid shows that,“ The data shows a consistent gradient where each additional dollar in health aid per capita was related to greater under-5 mortality declines among the poorer wealth quintiles”(6). This comes to show that foreign aid does work and it one of the many effective ways to improve poverty levels. The research also shows that countries that have been receiving foreign aid have decrease of child mortality rates and are getting closer to those of the wealthier countries. If health aid was to be eliminated then it will diffidently be a waste effort because the of how much these countries have improved, and it would the cause of many deaths.

Furthermore, by providing medical aid to poor countries we will be able to gain a greater amount of medical knowledge to better defend our against disease and virus. For many years some of these countries have been test subject for medical research to develop new medicines to treat deadly diseases such as HIV, Protozoal infection, tuberculosis. Alex K. Rich proposes that “... attention should be paid to global health concerns of epidemic proportion that are not recognized internationally because there is a potential for resurgence of dangerous pathogens in countries which enjoy near eradication of these diseases”(n.p.). The knowledge gathered through this experiments could helps us better understand diseases and how they are transmitted. According to Chuck Goodwin, “This is not to say that infectious diseases will not occur, but by providing opportunity for adequate health care programs to those living in poverty, the damage created by such diseases can be contain and limited in a more cost effective manner for the whole society” (4). It will be easier for medical researchers to counter attack new illness and prevent a worldwide catastrophes. Many people would think that using experimental drugs on humans is immoral but it obvious that the volunteers will first have to give his or her consent to take the experimental drugs and have the right to end the treatment . Many of these will do anything or are hopeful that these experimental medication will expand their lives. Human subject would be best suited to have new drugs tested than using some animals because their DNA do not come remotely close to that of a human. Tests on humans will give the best results and research information than some animal because they may not have the same reaction to humans. These brave volunteers will help out a the future generations to come.

Even though , foreign health aid can potentially counteract epidemics , it can also have a positive impact on the economy. If the child under the age of five mortality rates continues to decrease every year it means that more children will have the chance to receive an education and...

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