Health And Society: Smoking In Pregnancy

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This assignment will begin by giving a brief definition of health whilst presenting a discussion on the exploration of an individual in relation to making healthy choices. The purpose of this assignment is to look at the effects of making healthy choices and the implications that may occur. In addition, current social policies that relate to health and society, and the effects of smoking in pregnancy will also be discussed.
‘Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ (World Health Organisation, 2011) This definition was first cited by the International health conference in July 1946, and the definition has remained the same. Health is a way of life which is reflected upon every individual, factors such as the condition of your body, has an impact on your health overall. Additionally, if an individual being is fit and in good shape, they are more likely to make healthy choices. Presently, in society around 10 million adults in Britain smoke, (BBC News 2007).Take the example of cigarettes, much of the known effects of smoking include heart disease, lung cancer, heart attacks and much more. Yet adults around the world are constantly engaging in this habit which ultimately deteriorates the health of a being.

The number of women who have taken up smoking during pregnancy has significantly increased and is continuing to rise, despite the government targets for reducing it (BBC Health). Statistics reveal that one in three pregnant women are continuing to smoke, in spite of the current social policies and campaigns that are in force to help them quit. Campaigns including NHS smoke free, NHS stop smoking services and local stop smoking clinics drop in where women can speak to a representative for help and advice on how to stop smoking. Research shows women feel the need to smoke due to the following factors; stress, anxiety and predominantly to help with weight loss. Research identified that more than 17% of women smoke during pregnancy in England and Wales .Whilst, a staggering 45% of women in their twenties were found to smoke in their pregnancy (BBC News Health 2011). Where as it has said that the current Governments national target is to reduce the proportion of women smoking from 23 percent to 15% during pregnancy by 2010 (Luanaigh et al 2005) Research has emphasised that if this would be successful this would help with the long-term health and could also reduce the estimated costs of £1.4 –£ 1.7 billions to the nation (Bowden et manning 2006)
Research shows that smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both the unborn child and mother. Cigarette smoke causes serious harm to the fetal growth, causes severe neonatal risks and affects the progress of the pregnancy. (BBC News Health) Smoking can also increase the risk of miscarriage, premature birth, still-birth and sudden expected death in infancy. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2010) highlights that...

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