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Health And Diet Essay

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Health and Diet

Abstract: With my personal life experience I'd like to clarify that a healthy diet and physical exercises help to lose weight. This passage introduces some scientific means to keep fit and, from both sides, indicates the effection that it may have brought along. Another point is that one should choose an appropriate way according to his personal case. Frustration and troubles are often met, but how to deal with them depend on ourselves. What is cricial is about persistence, optimism and rationalism.

¢ñ.Introduction£ºKeeping-fit is sweeping us while some irrational ideas, rather than appropriate ways to lose fat are penetrating into our life. Most people don't employ scientific ways so that body was badly damaged, even never repaired automatically. We recommend appropriate ways which not only perform the function of losing weight, also continue to help to establish personal confidence. One could enjoy the whole process rather than sense some burden. This passage wants to tell us the importance of scientific means to keep fit and take some focus on emotional change when dieting.
Keeping fit, at any present time, may fill up your mind. Dieting and sports have come by, playing the theme of the life. Now our focus is on which way to be the best way for you to keep fit.

In my grade 3 of senior high school, I weighed 80 KG. I had been embarrassed to be of that kind of figure, when looking at myself, let alone when accepting others¡¯ unusual sight and undesirable reviewing. For the pressure from the circle of acquaintances as well as myself, I¡¯m bold enough to choose to lose weight. How brutal! I had the only meal in the morning, mainly of beef, and nothing for lunch. I suffered from the desire to eat at noon. How I dealt with it was to play basketball, hard and lonely. The fatigue did replace my hunger. Laciness of nutrition and excessive sport agonized me a lot. I had been be worn out by afternoon. I so frequently fell absent-minded in class that I lagged behind. Still nothing for dinner. To save energy, I had to go to bed as early as nine 0¡¯clock. Frankly, sleeping didn¡¯t work so simply, because dreaming easily bothered me. KFC, jiaozi, chocolate gathered around in the dream at night. This kind of extraordinary life almost drove me to have the symptom of disgusting any food. Two months later, I, weighing 65 KG, slipped into not a fat any more but a plentiful beauty. However, my dieting began to remain unmovable. No matter how I dieted, my weight just changed little.

The negative effect turned up after the temporary satisfaction with my figure. Too short of...

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