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Health And Individual Responsibility Essay

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Many individuals are in denial about their health as a result they do not take responsibility for their health. These individuals rather have a doctor tell them that their condition is hereditary opposed to blatantly honest responses such as “Stop smoking.” or “Change your eating habits.” which imply that the individual is at fault. An article on the blog ‘Medical Malprocess’, outlines the responsibility of doctor and patient by stating that: “The providers should be held responsible for their advice and actions only. We patients should be responsible for the consequences of our decisions and actions.” This shows that while doctors may be responsible in a patient’s health that patient is ...view middle of the document...

For me, in the 20 minutes allotted, my lens was narrowly focused on the disease that posed the gravest and most immediate risk to his health.”
Besides general physical or emotionally wellness, an individual can ensure that their health is protected by making an investment in their health care. However, many are still not able to afford this and according to an online NBC news article written by Tom Murphy on U.S. health insurance, “…an estimated 26 million U.S. residents will remain without coverage…” These people include those who cannot afford it, illegal immigrants and those people who are simply unaware of the health insurance plan. This information suggests that individual responsibility for one’s health can be hindered by low socioeconomic lifestyles, where people simply cannot afford to go to a doctor or even eat a decent well balanced meal, instead of settling for cheap fast food. So if one can afford health insurance it is definitely a bonus toward responsibility for one’s health.
What is the span of individual responsibility for health? Individual responsibility for health does not just end with that individual but friends and families should provide a great support system for that individual to be healthier. An individual should set an example for those around them helping others to take responsibility for their health. In fact, according to Doctor Sandeep Januhar’s article in the New York Times, many Americans are tired of having to “pick up the tab when so much disease” is caused by “unhealthy behavior like smoking and overeating?” So what better way to prevent these habits than by taking responsibility? Not just on an individual level but a...

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