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Health And Its Determinents Essay

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Health and its DeterminantsIntroductionWHO constitution defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (WHO). We can also say that along with it health is the ability to organize socially and economically creative life.There are many factors that can influence on the health of a person like; Income, Employment, Health Deprivation and Disability, Education, Skills and Training, Barriers to Housing and Services, Crime and the Living Environment. In this study we are going to discuss few of the factors that may effect on the health.Education and HealthThe majority of education professionals would probably agree that learning can and often does have positive effects upon learners' health, particularly their physiological health. Such beliefs are the basis of government funded initiatives such as National Healthy School Standard, and the education streams of Health Action Zones and Health Improvement Projects. The green paper entitled 'The Learning Age' (DfEE, 24) sets out a board vision of learning:"Our vision of the learning age is about more than employment. The development of a culture of learning will help to build a united society, assist in the creation of personal independence and encourage our creativity and innovation."It is well-established in the research literature that individuals who have been in education for longer and who have higher qualifications tend to be more physically healthy and less prone to depression than their less educated counterparts. Of course, this might be because relatively healthy individuals and/or individuals who are likely to be healthy in the future tend to stay in education longer and achieve educational success. An alternative explanation is that education itself makes people healthier. Research analyzing the inter-relationships between years of education and health throughout people's lives indicates that both explanations account for the associations between education and health (Demaine, 6). What is of interest here is that there is evidence that education does have an impact upon physical health and does protect individuals from the onset and progression of depression.Education benefits individuals by enabling them to move up or retain their position on the socio-economic ladder. However, assuming that overall levels of wealth remain unchanged, this aspect of education does not improve the situation of those who are left behind.Income and HealthInadequate health care from prenatal to early childhood and on into young adulthood results in higher mortality and morbidity rates as well as lower immunization rates for low-income and minority groups. Unfortunately, poor health care is not an isolated factor, but instead influences the development of characteristics that subsequently constrain employment and occupational choices and, therefore, socioeconomic mobility. (Poulton , 1640) In addition, low status and income...

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