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Health And Safety Considerations When Organizing An Event

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Health and safety should be a top priority when considering organising an event. It is essential that this is done well ahead of the event to make sure nothing is missed out. I should take into consideration the rules and regulations of health and safety, the risks involved and potential threats or accidents that can be avoided from happening in the first place.

A good place to start when considering health and safety of an event is to do a risk assessment. This will enable me to uncover potential risks. By doing this I can then try to remedy any possible risks before they could potentially become damaging, hence protecting as well as complying by the health and safety regulations.

A risk assessment is an examination that will assess what could be harmful, the necessary precautions to consider and any possible solutions that could be implemented to prevent them from occurring however this should be reviewed regularly and updated as and when necessary.

If a night-time event is considered, one should also have a detailed summary of the various risks associated with this type of event such as proper lighting as well as high visibility for paths and other dark areas.

I should be wary that the weather could directly affect the event and I should be cautioned by how this could affect the health and safety aspects. Some of which may include rain or snow not only a high risk factor for injuries such as slips and trips but also a high risk factor if there is electrical equipment around. Ensuring this type of equipment is well insulated and protected from such weather is vital.

It is important to carry out a very thorough risk assessment in the early stages when organising an event to make sure it goes well.

It is also vitally important to have good communication and co-operation among staff, suppliers and guests. This is to make sure that I can carry out creating an environment that is healthy and safe.

To communicate with staff a pre-event briefing for the event is a good idea. This will enable me to tell staff of the possible risks associated with the event and the necessary precautions that should be taken. During this time is important to point out things such as the venue layout, fire exits as well as meeting points, first aiders and their locations touches in the event of a power failure, security and basics to consider when dealing with an emergency, advising staff to always stay calm. As well as this I can clarifying appropriate clothing attire that should be worn by the people such as non slip shoes, closed shoes and I would want to emphasis to the likes of catering the importance of being hygienic, wearing gloves and head cover to make sure food is safe. Most importantly make them conscious that if they see something that might be hazardous, to try to fix it then to avoid it turning it into an accident later.

In addition to staff it is just as important to make sure there is good communication amongst myself and...

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