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Health And Safety Legislation And Its Importance On Sport

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HSWA is an enabling act. HSWA stands for Health and Safety at Work
Act. It allows more regulations to be brought into practice when they
become necessary. The need to bring more regulations into action is
due to major incidents occurring. A good example is The Hillsborough

* Liverpool VS Nottingham

* 10,000 fans

* More tickets sold to Liverpool

* Liverpool fans put in smaller section

* 3 gates and 7 turn styles in use for all 10,000 fans

* Metal fence

* Fans inside the grounds were struggling to breathe as the numbers

To make matters worse there was already a previous incident in 1981
which should have acted as a warning sign of the tragedy. They should
have learnt there lessons from that incident by taking the fences down
and having ticket allocations.

The reasons for Legislations being introduced are to help investigate
why and how the accidents happen and to make sure they won't happen

HSWA is a general act that affects all working environments. It is
backed up by other Legislation that acts upon health and safety in the
leisure industry. HSWA is known as a criminal law, so you can be
criminal prosecuted and if you are found to be guilty it can be a fine
or imprisonment. Health and safety is the concern to everyone, it's
very important to remember this.

The act was introduced to make sure employers take sufficient measures
for the

protection of their employees. The act is designed for the management
of the

centre who supply the activities. It covers the health and safety of

* Staff full and part time

* Customers

* Contractors

* Trespassers

who are all involved in the organization. All personnel are
responsible for there doings on other people. If an accident
transpires due to your deed or inactivity then the injured person can
obtain reimbursement.

The employer must guarantee feasible surroundings for the employee.
There must be:

* Safe place of work with safe access

* Safe plant and equipment

* Safe use, handling, storage and transport of articles and

* Safe systems at work

* Information, instruction, training and supervision of employees

The employer must be in no doubt that non-employers are not exposed to
risks that will have an effect on health and safety in the working
place that they have decided to attend. The employer must manage the
health and safety of the facility and the services it provides. They
should inform non-employers of hazards and correct procedures to
reduce risks.

When an employee starts work the regulation...

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