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Health And Social Care Essay

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Socialisation means a process where an individual acquires the knowledge and dispositions that enables them to participate as a member of a social group and a given social order. This can occur in an individual at any age stage of there life from being a young child to an older person. The reason why it takes place is because of the different adoption of the different behaviour patterns and the surrounding cultures too.
There are two types of socialisation which are primary and secondary socialisation, primary socialisation occurs in the home and family of an individual, it teaches the individual family and cultural values, behaviour and beliefs.
Secondary socialization is when the child is at the age of 5-6 where they have just started school where they would make knew friends and have different influences from the other child or teachers surrounding them.
Prejudice means ‘harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgement’ meaning if there is a group or even an individual who are being targeted by physical abuse or even by verbal abuse just because in the eye of other people they are different and don’t belong in the same area or even country, this can involve ones race, religion, dress, background or culture.
It has been described in the Health and Social Care AS Collins book associated with Mark Walsh, Paul Stephens and Richard Chaloner that the meaning for the word Prejudice means ‘Unfavourable and unreasonable dislike, hostility or preference which is also correct because people pre-judge because of the way they look. It means by hostility ones behaviour, unfriendliness or opposition for example some may be hostility to new people who may live in the same area. Preference also means people who have greater liking for ones alternative over another or others around them.
There are two different types of norms for example the word norms means ‘A shared expectation of behaviour that indicates what is culturally desirable and acceptable’ taken from the topic Childhood growth and development, the Collins Health and Social Care AS level book Unit 1 topic 3 page 20.
The other example of the word norms means ‘Social ‘rules’ that establish what people expect, and what is expected of them, in different situation’; taken from the topic Social factors and human development, from the book Collins Health and Social Care AS level, unit 1, topic 7, Page 38.

The word value means ‘ Ideas or beliefs that are viewed positively or are thought to be important by those who hold them’; taken form the Collins Health and Social Care AS Level, Unit 1, Topic 7, Page 38.
The word beliefs can have many different meanings from having confidence n someone or some thing or faith someone’s religion that they believe in, but for this topic in this unit I am going to understand the meaning beliefs in religion.
Policies and Procedures
There are many factors that staff have to carry out to create a...

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