Health And Social Coursework On The Effects Of An Ill Person Year 10 Coursework

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Understanding how life affects our growth and development
In this assignment I am going to explain the impact of different factors that have affected my dad’s growth and development in three different life stages.
I have based my assignment on my Dad, 39. So far through his life, he has received very less attention from his mum, due to his mum abandoning him at the age of 7, and his dads traumatizing death.
At infancy, you could say my dad was a completely normal baby; he would kick in my mum’s womb and would be completely healthy. He would do cheeky smiles though and little giggles to try and interact with his older siblings and mum. When my dad was a toddler, he would crawl, and he’d love to roll on his stomach; he was an expert of learning how to walk, which was good because it’d have a huge impact on his motor skills and would help him strengthen and get his muscles working. Most of the time, he’d be crying as he could feel hunger and thirst, which would make him develop his feelings. His favourite thing was to suck his thumb, but it also helped him taste things.
However, the first key aspect of his infancy [0-3 years], I will discuss is social development, the social development during my dad’s infancy is that he would smile automatically at random occasions and at different timing schedules. Also, he would react to every touch and every voice he heard, which encouraged his parents to interact with him more. By interacting with him, it means that it would’ve increased his mental, emotional, and social growth including learning. Regardless, he would enjoy playing peek-a-boo, as he could understand it and really enjoy the game. Furthermore, he was able to apprehend his parent’s language as they both could speak English and Urdu/Punjabi, which made him able to blossom his language. Although, at the age 1 year throughout to 3 years, he started throwing major tantrums due to needing his nappies changing and having serious hunger and thirst, but this assisted him with understanding his emotions/feelings and made him realise as to why he was feeling frustrated, besides this, he would also bite his parents fingers and shoulders due to least amount of affection and attention, which made him sense that he was jealous and wasn’t fond of having no attention. Overall, my dad was a well behaved child and had no mere problems with understanding his...

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