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This coming year the prices for comprehensive medical care will more than double affecting mostly lower to middle class senior citizens. Although in the last ten years promises were made of free medical coverage and free prescriptions, in 2001 prices for medical care will come up to as high as $179 a month and only $500 worth of prescriptions will be covered each year. Only those covered by government medical plans in Los Angeles and Orange County will be mostly unaffected.According to Nancy-Ann DeParle, in charge of the federal Health Care Financing Agency, this is the first time that most people will not have access to prescription drug coverage. Premiums are increasing by more than twice as much, and the generosity of drug coverage will also decline. Over 6 million of the 40 million Medicare recipients receive their coverage through HMOs. The government explained that there would be a price hike and the benefits would decrease but the extent of it is much more dramatic than expected. Other than the Los Angeles and Orange County, parts of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania were saved from the complete drop of medical care. The price hikes and benefit reductions are a double whammy to seniors who found out in the earlier part of this year that a number of HMOs are at least cutting back if not dropping out of participation in this program. Almost 1 million of the Medicare recipients will be without their care coverage or will have to change to a new plan. As Jamie Court puts it "People joined HMOs to get the prescription drug benefits, and those benefits dried up." These price hikes show the view of HMO executives, raising their rates...

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1444 words - 6 pages Should a doctor tell the truth directly to the patient regardless of the family’s wishes not to do that? Or in contrast, should the doctor simply tell the truth to the patient prior to his or her family? Ruiping Fan and Benfu Li’s journal article primarily focuses on whether or not a physician should tell truth to the patient. From a personal opinion, patients have the right to know their state of health. To be honest with a patient, despite his

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586 words - 2 pages mean that you should just “shut down,” instead it shows that aging is just a natural progression, and does not mean one should stop doing anything that they enjoy. The second article had a negative approach to aging, as the costs of getting older are quite large. Health insurance is extremely expensive, and does not even cover everything needed, and as we age, healthcare, and other items become a much more regular and necessary

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1015 words - 5 pages taste of fruits and vegetables from a garden. This source is an example of backyard gardening and how to avoid common errors. The target audience would be first time gardeners attempting to avoid common gardening errors. The source was found by searching the Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) for fruits and vegetables and garden and organic. This article focused on the health benefits of growing organic tomatoes. The article briefly touched on the

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877 words - 4 pages Understanding Accountable Healthcare Organization role in the Healthcare Reform System Desarey Sims Loyola University Chicago Song, Z., & Lee, T. (2013). The ear of delivery of system reform begins. Journal of American Medical Association, 309(1), 35-6. In this article the authors explain how health care reform is evolving through a three-step system; insurance (affordable are act), payment (accountable care organization), and

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1493 words - 6 pages than patients without communication problems. Most events were drug related or a result of poor clinical management, however, some were the result of a communication problem, such as deafness. These medical errors relate to improper or inadequate communication and should be reduced. This article supports the proposal because communication issues are related to health literacy. Patients and health care teams must work together to achieve the

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Health Article Essay

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