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Health Assessment Results Essay

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I’ve recently taken a Health assessment test from my health class; I have to say it went pretty well. I scored 689 total out of 880 points. The test has 11 categories; Social and Occupational Health, Spiritual and Psychological Health, Stress Management, Fitness, Nutrition and Weight Health, Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drug use, Disease Prevention, Sexual Health, Safety Practices and Violent Prevention, Health care Consumerism, and Environmental Health. I will share what I learned about myself and how I felt after every category I completed. I will go in order on what category came first on the test
First comes Social and Occupational Health. I scored 68 out of 80 points on this category. I love my job and all my co-workers are really nice, so the Occupational part was pretty easy. So that leaves the Social part. I know that I’m not a social person; I tend to stay quite in groups and I’d rather listen then talk. This part of the test didn’t shock me too much, because I already know I’m not one to make friends easily. However I do need to become more social, there will be a time in my life when I will regret that trait. Hopefully that time will never come and I will be able to fix this before my next test.
Next comes Spiritual and Psychological Health. My score for this one was 70 out of 80. I am a very spiritual person; I loved this score because that is who I am. If I got a lower score in this category I would have been truly disappointed. I pray everyday and there isn’t a minute that goes by where I don’t think of God, but my psychological health is a different story. Now I do have low self-esteem, I can’t help it. I think I need to improve on that aspect as well. Weather you’re man or women self-esteem is an important thing to have for everyone. Besides the lack of self-esteem, I also tend to reflect on bad situations. When I’m alone I can’t help but to think of the bad times I’ve experienced and concurred through my life, which sometimes leaves me in a depressed mood. But everybody gets depressed every now and again, so I think it’s perfectly healthy. Overall I was pretty happy with that score.
After that is Stress Management. I got 45 out of 80 points for this one. Now I’m not going to lie I do get stressed quite often. With my job, school and taking care of my younger siblings it’s pretty tough, but I didn’t think I was going to score that low of a number. It shocked me when I found out my score. I didn’t think I was that stressed out, I don’t even feel stressed half the time. If I were to look at my score as a grade I would have gotten a C! It definitely made me realize that I need to relax a bit more and that’s something I plan to work on.
Now comes the forth category, Fitness. Dare I say it; I scored a 30 out of 80 in this category. I completely failed Fitness, I am not fit what so ever. This score should shock me, but it really doesn’t. No matter how bad it is to admit, I know I’m not fit. I don’t exercise...

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