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Health Assignment

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- Cardio-respiratory endurance is crucial in badminton as the better cardiovascular endurance you have, the longer you can play at your best. Thus, if you have a higher cardiovascular endurance than your opponent, then you will be more likely to be successful as your opponent will become more tired and thus, make more frequent mistakes in hitting the ball and instantly reacting to the ball and due to this reason, you will basically have a higher opportunity to be successful in the game of badminton.
- Muscular strength is also required in badminton as muscular strength is the force that a muscle of a muscle group can exert against a resistance in one maximal effort. You basically need muscular strength to run up to the ball quickly using the muscles in your leg and hit the ball using the muscles in your arms.
- Local muscular endurance this helps your heart and lungs to move oxygen and energy to activate the muscles. The badminton player needs to generate a force to run around the court and that force is applied for a prolonged period of time.
- Flexibility is used by the badminton player to reach, dive and turn to cover all parts of the court. Furthermore, it’s used to bend the knees and flexibility is required near the arms and the wrist in order to hit the ball without difficulties and sprains. Flexibility can be improved with regular stretching. The badminton player should stretch before training and competitions.
- Body composition does not play a crucial role in badminton as it can be played by everyone. However, you must be able to run and use your arms and hands freely in order to run to the ball and hit it as well. Furthermore, the badminton players are usually tall and lean because they have to move fast around the court and reach the ball without difficulties.
Ex) Lee Yong Dae (South Korea) - 180cm, 73kg / Lin Dan (China) 178cm, 70kg

- Muscular power is specially required in badminton as you need to be able to hit the ball with the badminton racket. Furthermore, you also need muscular power because you need to react fast in which direction you will move in order to hit the ball. Then, you use your muscular power to run up to the ball.
- Agility is basically how you move around the badminton court. A good badminton player will be able to move easily around the court without stumbling and instead, moving quickly around the court. Being able to move quickly and easily will help you to return shots and provide full coverage on the court,
- Coordination is crucial as the sport involves a racket and a shuttle. Beginners may struggle to strike this shuttle effectively but this will soon become conditioned through experience and training. Players with more coordination will excel with regard to more difficult shots and situations,
- Balance is also needed in badminton as you will often have to lunge during the shuttle and if you do not have a good balance, you might fall over when you’re lunging.
- Reaction time is vital in a game of...

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