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The health behavior that I wished to improve on during this semester is to stop smoking. I picked up my first cigarette when I was eighteen and unfortunately I haven’t been able to put one down until I took this class. In my country a lot of people smoked cigarettes and I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with smoking or that smoking caused any harm to your body. In my country they don’t advertise cigarettes as being harmful like they do in America. When I moved here I noticed a lot of advertising against smoking cigarettes. In the advertisements on billboards and TV commercials there were women and men who had been affected by cigarette smoking. One advertisement had a woman who ...view middle of the document...

The first article was about smoking behavior and depression among college students. This article related to me because I am a college student but I have not experienced depression while smoking. The article talked about cigarette smoking and that it is the leading cause of earl death in America. The article gave several facts on trends in Adolescent smoking in the United States, smoking among younger adolescents, and smoking among older adolescents. The article discussed many factors that influence smoking behavior among adolescents. Then it went into great detail about if there was a correlation between Depression and Smoking Behavior.
There was an study done and the correlational study tested theoretical relationships between the dependent variable (smoking behavior) and the independent variables (depression and smoking resistance self-efficacy) in a convenience sample of 364 college students ages 18 to 21 years recruited from a large urban public college. Additionally, smoking resistance self-efficacy was a mediator of the relationship between depression and smoking behavior (= -0.757, p =0.001). The hypothesis that was tested was there is a negative relationship between smoking resistance SSE and smoking behavior. There is a negative relationship between SSE and depression. There is a positive relationship between depression and smoking behavior. When SSE is controlled for statistically, the relationship between depression and smoking behavior will diminish. The results concluded that there is a correlation between that smoking cigarettes causes depression. After reading that article and learning that there is a direct correlation between smoking and depression it made my desire to quit even stronger.

The second article that I read was about cigarette use among young adults, specifically comparing 2-year college students, 4-year college students, and those not in college. The authors compared 3 groups--those not in college with no college degree, 2-year college students/graduates, 4-year college students/graduates--on various smoking measures: ever smoked, smoked in past month, smoked in past week, consider self a smoker, began smoking before age 15, smoked over 100 cigarettes in lifetime, ever tried to quit, and plan to quit in next year. The authors found that for nearly all the smoking measures, the 4-year college group was at lowest risk, the non-college group was at highest risk, and the 2-year college group represented a midpoint. I found that information surprising because I see a lot of students on WKU’s campus that smoke cigarettes on a daily basis. If I had taken the survey I would have participated in the 4-year college student category. It makes me feel better about quitting after reading both of the articles and now I know that not only can smoking cigarettes cause depression but according to the survey most students my age do not smoke.
When trying to think of was that I can stop smoking I will set some achievable...

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