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The variables that I have chosen for my proposal are how confident male and females are in their ability to take good care of their health. The independent variable that I chose is whether the person is male or female and the dependent variable is how confident is their ability to take good care of their health. I selected these variables because it would be interesting to knowing how women and men go about taking care of themselves. My null hypothesis would be that gender does not matter when it comes to taking care of one’s self. One can simply just be confident that they are able to take good care of themselves.
For my hypothesis, I will try to prove that females may be more ...view middle of the document...

Also if I can find some data that can prove that females live longer than males, then it might prove that females take better care of themselves than males.
HINTS are the Health Information National Trends Survey a program that monitors changes on the field of health communications. They provide updates on changing patterns and information opportunities in health. The best thing is that they offer a great deal of surveys for researches to test new theories in health communications. By updating their surveys it makes the website credible and easier for people to use the information that they provide. While researching the HINTS website I saw that, “HINTS was developed by the Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch (HCIRB) of the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) as an outcome of the National Cancer Institute's Extraordinary Opportunity in Cancer Communication.” It is their goal to keep updating their data so that people can, “refine their theories of health communication in the information age and to offer new and better recommendations for reducing the burden of cancer throughout the population.” Their data is also open to the public.” Hints data is also available for public and anyone who is needs their data done quickly.
In the frequency table for HINTS it shows that 554 males took the survey and 946 females took the survey for a total of 1500 people. The confidence levels are rated from completely...

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