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Health Campaign Essay

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Health campaigns are purposive challenges to inform or influence behaviors and generate outlooks in a large audience. A health campaign can also be a type of media campaign in which encourages public health by making new health contributions available through education and an organized set of communication activates. Organized set of activities have multiple channels generally used to create assistance to individuals and society. Periodically I stumble across health campaigns some of which I disregard and others that grasp my attention and want to know about the matter. For instance, the Inside Knowledge: Get the Facts About Gynecologic Cancer campaign. Understanding that campaigns are ...view middle of the document...

Television and radio can be viewed and heard online as well offering women more help. These beneficial channels are useful for the target audience to direct women where to go, reassurance and understanding. Resources developed by the Inside Knowledge campaign are several public service announcements featuring testimonials from women who had cancer through the testimonials more women are now willing to visit the doctor. The main stakeholders for this campaign are the campaign managers, the target audience and any individual who’s affected by the failure or success of the campaign. The most influential stakeholder with the Inside knowledge campaign is the Centers for Disease Control prevention (CDC). The mission of the CDC is to inform campaign development, rising awareness for gynecologic cancers. In doing so, the CDC conducted formative research, concept, and quantifiable testing. In general, women showed a desire to learn more about gynecologic cancers allowing the CDC to develop the campaign the Inside Knowledge. The CDC established partners to help classify women to feature in Inside Knowledge materials, including women of a variety of races and backgrounds who reflect an array of gynecologic cancer experiences. Partakers were familiar with some types of gynecologic cancers, most notably cervical, ovarian, and uterine. However, they were essentially unaware with vaginal and vulvar cancers, gynecologic cancer symptoms and risk factors, as well as screening opportunities. Though many campaigns are seen as unethical, in this case the Inside Knowledge campaign is the opposite. The Inside knowledge campaign is a motivating tool for women to consider visiting a doctor with the significant help of Inside Knowledge PSAs provided in various issues across the United States. The custom of PSAs increased the use of campaign resources among women through healthcare providers, public organizations and health departments. In which, increased knowledge among women and healthcare providers about gynecologic cancer signs, symptoms, risk factors, prevention strategies allowing more women to seek appropriate medical attention for screening, diagnostic testing, vaccination, and follow up care. The most effective component of this campaign is the Woman To Woman Approach this approach gives women courage and motivation. Research conducted through the Inside Knowledge campaign showed that women wanted to hear from other women who developed cancer, especially individuals whom survived or have a personal connection to gynecologic cancer. Using the straightforward approach of women accessing information from other women demonstrates success of...

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