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Health Care And The Growing Concern For Eldery

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Health CareWithin the health care arena there is a growing concern about the needs of the elderly. Familieswonder if their loved ones are getting the proper care that they need With the growing costs of health careand the decreasing resources of primary care physicians it is feared that only the physical needs of thepatient are met. Concerns rise about the social psychological and environmental needs or the elderly. Astudy by Barbara Berkman and associates tries to provide some answers to people concerned with this issueAccording to the study many people are not aware of the social services they may have availableto them. Because of this, many elderly people are not getting the care they ...view middle of the document...

The findings for the study indicate that approximately 56% of all people surveyed were in need ofintervention. The three highest relative risks for all three sights were: difficulty with food preparation,difficulty in doing house work, and difficulty getting around the home. All three hospital settings agreethat patients who reported having problems in the survey were judged to need intervention more than thosewho did not report having problems.Although the study had good intentions, I feel the study was unclear in its objectives. The study was todesign an assessment tool that would identify the psychosocial and environmental needs of elderlypatients. Clearly the questionnaire did identify these needs. What is unclear is the purpose of proposing aquestionnaire. Is this a first time attempt to assess the psychosocial and environmental needs of the elderly,or is it an improvement on past assessment tools? The study appears to present a new assessmentprocedure rather than focus on the quality of the questionnaire.Although I feel there are discrepancies in the focus of the study, I do find it to be very thoroughand accurate. This is a study of current concerns. With the cutting of health benefits and the rise of healthcosts many of the elderly do not get the social and emotional help that they may need. I do agree that itappears that there !is not enough assessment being done. The authors of the study did an accurate job in preparing for thisstudy. They consulted with prime focus groups, such as physicians and social workers. A review of pastliterature and studies were used to identify which psychosocial and environmental needs should beaddresses in the questionnaire.This article proved very easy to read. I felt that the language was readable for scholar and laymanalike. I do feel that this article assumes that you have a background in geriatrics. Although it is notnecessary to be an expert in the field, geriatric knowledge would be an advantage. A few of the terms andconcepts were aimed primarily at a professional reader, but not so much to have a student or family of anelderly person perplexed as to the general concept.The design of this study was well planned. The methodology is clearly mapped out and in myview acceptable for an accurate study. The sample size (approximately 3200) was sufficient. The studyused three different geographical sights across the United States. This sufficiently covers the possibilitythat research could be flawed by geographic discrepancies. According to the data given the questionnairereturned data on mark to the information targeted.There are a few problems with the design of the research however. There appears to be no controlgroup on which to test the data . A study cannot accurately gauge its impact when researchers havenothing to which to compare. Second, the researchers cannot be sure that it was their questionnaire thathelped identify high risk elderly. It can not be shown that the questionnaire of the study was...

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