Health Care And Why It’s Changing Junior Marshall High / Health Research Paper

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Rice 1
Joaquin Rice
Health Science
Sept. 26, 2016
What are the greatest challenges facing healthcare today?
! Healthcare has had its ups and downs, it has developed ways to detect early
stages of cancer, x-ray broken bones, and ultrasounds. However, it now is expensive,
difficult to access, and is consumed for invalid reasons. Healthcare has a range of
quality, can be poorly executed sometimes, or be well performed and done properly.
! Americans pay much more in health care then anyone else. We spend 2.8 trillion
on healthcare annually, that works out to about one-sixth of the economy, and more
then $8,500 per person. This is one of the reasons so many people die from lack of
healthcare, it costs a great amount of money. Healthcare is expensive and difficult to
access if you don’t have medical insurance. Having medical insurance will allow less
expensive access to doctors and medical attention, but because it is so expensive,
roughly 1 in 5 Americans cannot afford healthcare, causing tens of thousands of deaths
each year. If we made healthcare less expensive and easier to access then we could
possibly save lives.
! Healthcare is a flawed system, people sometimes can unknowingly abuse
healthcare, and call for medical attention for seemingly futile things. Seventy percent of
healthcare costs are spent in the last six months of life. We spend money not really
extending quality of care and life, but length life. You may be living for another five
Rice 2
months to five days but be in a miserable state. Many of the drugs used to treat
patients suffering from serious illnesses are also very expensive.
! The US spends a huge chunk of its budget on pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike
other countries, whose governments regularly deal with pharmaceutical companies to
reduce drug prices, we are forbidden from engaging in such negotiations. This is why a
cancer drug like Gleevec, which costs about $1,000 in New Zealand and Canada, costs
an average of $6,214 in the US. Even the common pain medication Celebrex, which
runs for $51 in Canada, can cost anywhere from two to nine times that amount in the
! Healthcare should be accessible to all people, because currently there is at least
twenty seven million people uninsured, and they will be for the next ten years. It is
unreasonable and unfair for only people who can afford healthcare get it, which...

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