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Coordinating the release of information concerning significant negative effects associated with a particular medication requires effective decision-making and communication skills. Such requirements are especially necessary when releasing information related to the adverse effects of the medication. Addressing this issue requires immediate action to safeguard the health of the consumers at risk. Although some organizational leaders suggest releasing limited information, transparency is critical because open and honest communication will not only garner public reverence and confidence, but will also succor organizational integrity.

While the objective is to stop current complications and thwart off future impediments, transparency will aid in maintaining the integrity of the business and help preserve consumer loyalty. Accomplishing such a surmountable commission is achieved through the use of effective communication, methods, and channels. Upon recognition of the crisis, the fundamental mechanisms of the effective communication, go into production. With the crisis recognized there are soundings from the alarm too, “notify senior administrators of the situation” (Hicks & Nicols, 2012, p. 127).

As a result of an alarm sounding, the business must construct a team of principal participants that will be responsible for handling the crisis. The team must engross in participative decision-making in determining the utmost effective elucidation when addressing the issues facing both the consumer and the company (du Pr'e, 2005). The responsible team must assemble all relevant facts, as well conducted a brief inquiry (research) into the handling of comparable previous situations in an attempt to determine what worked and what did not. Having gathered all relevant and pertinent information the team will have the available resources for a well-established plan along with a blueprint for dispersing the information to the media. Once senior management has approved the strategy execution begins. Execution starts by sharing the strategy details, “among those people immediately involved in handling the operational issues associated with the crisis situation along with communication colleagues” (Hicks & Nicols, 2012, P.129).

Communication colleagues are responsible for delivering the information to the media in an effort to reach the target audience. There must be a consensual understanding, which recognizes the primary concern is public safety; therefore the communication’s team must consider all viable communication methods, to include, electronic and social media communication. However, the use of alternative communication outlets must be well calculated and in most occurrences should not be the primary method when first addressing the public. The use of electronic and social media communication is most successful in a supportive capacity after the first public release of information.

Electronic and social media use can result in negative...

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