Health Care Provider And Faith Diversity

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Faith can be defined as a confidence trust in a person, a religion or a doctrine, it is viewed as hope or belief. Faith help us to live our lives fuller and better. From the perspective of Buddhism faith is center on the understanding that Buddha superior role is to teach on the working of the mind, contemplation so that the truthfulness, righteousness and efficacy of the ideal in which on develop faith. It is rooted in rational intellectual comprehension, strengthened and sharpened by intellect. Christianity associated faith in the person of God, holy, creator of all things, to keep faith alive Christians read the scriptures Old and New Testament of the bible and practice a regimen of prayers and study that offer guidance support and encouragement. They listen to the wisdom of Old traditions and people to nurture their faith. Native American faith is that all powerful, all knowing creator, God or Master Spirit and numerous less supernatural spirits has connection which has the ability to move between them.
The spiritual perspective on healing from Buddhism point of view is that the mind is the creator of sickness and health, the cause of disease is internal and individual must take care of their bodies in a proper way. It is also characterized by sentiments of respect and of inspiration by an ideal. All beings exist in terms of integrated factors and governed by natural law and the three characteristic or the dependent organization which guides an individual perception and living styles. For each individual “Kamma” is a collective product of health. To provide more suitable conditions for practicing the Noble Eightfold Path is to maintain our bodies. These principles form of fundamentals belief system shape their perceptions and guide their life styles. Nature of all existences will also guide an individual to take more responsibility for their health and less anxiety when they get sick.
The spiritual perspective on healing from Christianity is from a spiritual context. To be connected to God, it allows the healing power into a person and effect healing according to God’s will. Spiritual valued as good and all material earthy are considered evil. “Love the Lord your God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself, they must be in balance to develop a healthy spirituality. Worship the only true God is express in true spirituality Holiness.
The spirituality perspective on healing from Native American is that medicine is more about healing the individual by making them whole, restoring well-being and spirit of nature. Everyone and everything even object is interconnected and have this kind of spirit. All powerful, all knowing creator, God or Master Spirit and numerous less super natural spirits are all matter of humans. There is connection between the sky, earth, and underworld spirit being having the ability to move between them. Spirit is an inseparable element of healing good and bad.
The critical components of healing in Buddhism...

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