Health Care Controversy: Obamacare Essay

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Health Care Controversy

Obamacare may be one of the most debatable topics at the moment ever since 2010. For those who are still confused on what Obamacare is and how it works is understandable and common amongst Americans. Obamacare is also known as the Affordable Care Act. It can be summed up as a law that ensures every American has access to health insurance that is affordable and within their budget. This is done by offering people discounts on government-sponsored health insurance plans, and by expanding the Medicaid assistance program so they include more people who can’t afford health care. In order for someone to qualify for Obamacare they ...view middle of the document...

Part C is a type of Medicare health plan that is offered by a private company that works with Medicare to provide Plan A and B to people. Lastly Part D is the part that adds prescription drug coverage to Original Medicare, including some other benefits as well. During the Medicare era before Obamacare in 2010 claims were made that costs of American Healthcare had skyrocketed. Also, before the Affordable Care Act a big chunk of Americans didn’t have proper health coverage. Meaning 79 million Americans didn’t have health insurance or they were underinsured. In case you didn’t know 79 million would be one out of every four Americans. Since that was too many people not getting the help they deserved health care reform was needed. There are also many other reasons as to why people believed healthcare reform was needed. For instance, it can be estimated that slowing the annual growth rate of healthcare costs would increase GDP which is always a good thing in an economy. Also, for a family of four income would actually raise more than it would’ve without reform. Not to forget, when the nation slows down the growth rate of health care costs increases in the Federal budget deficit. The unemployment rate would also lower consistently with steady inflation for a number of years. The reform would also most likely increase labor supply and decrease the gap between the big and small businesses making thing seem more fair.
Some Americans do in fact find Obamacare helpful as they use it today. Most people who stop getting covered for their drugs after they reach a certain price mark and have to wait until they spend a good majority of money to get to another price mark in order for them to be covered for their drugs again don’t have to worry about that anymore since Obamacare closed that hole. Also, the reform included greatly expanding preventive services to Medicare customers. Woman would be especially happy because eight women’s health benefits have been added to the health insurance plans. This includes areas that involve breastfeeding, contraception, domestic violence, gestational diabetes, HIV screening and counseling, sexual diseases and wellness visits. All of these benefits are free to women and don’t include the need for plan deductibles. Beginning this year is when nobody can be denied health insurance because of any previous medical conditions they were denied to before. The law...

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