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Health Care Interview1Health Care Interview2Health Care InterviewDionne Johnson-SnaggHCS/23509/22/2014Katherine L. CavanaughHealth Care InterviewWorking with the elderlyChoosing a career path that will be rewarding financially may be easy but choosing a career that will be rewarding both financially and mentally is another thing. Working with the elderly can be extremely rewarding but it won't always be easy. I'd like to see what makes people go into the field of caring for the elderly regardless of the method (ex: Home health aide, resident aide, live in companion).Identification of Targeted IntervieweeMy Interviewee is Vilma Johnson. I chose to interview her because I've worked at this facility before and she was one of the kindest people that I have come across. Even though her primary role is mainly limited to the kitchen she seems to genuinely care about the residents and their best interests. Her role as a supervisor for the kitchen area can be used in any area in health care where residents or patients stay overnight so she's not tied down to one facility.Description of the DepartmentEmeritus Senior Living was primarily an assisted living facility (at this particular location) but it has recently expanded to now include a memory care wing. Emeritus has over 150 residents in its two story facility and the memory care facility has just under 30 residents but it can accommodate 5o. My Interviewees department would be the dining facility on both sides for right now. My Interviewee is in charge of the menu that the residents receive and making sure that all accommodations are met (ex: allergies to certain foods, diabetics etc.)Type of work done by the departmentThe dining or kitchen department is in charge of all meals that are served throughout the day. This particular facility prints different menus out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast menu is delivered to the residents the night before and they turn it in when one of the resident aides come to pick them up around 8 p.m. This way when the residents arrive for breakfast in the morning they do not have a waiting period before they eat. It's very similar for lunch, at breakfast time the lunch menu options are on the table and the resident will fill it out before they leave the dining area and a member of the kitchen staff will pick it up and turn it in to the chef or manager. Dinner menus follow the same procedure. The kitchen staff is basically in charge of all the residents' nutritional meals.Role of Targeted IntervieweeMy Interviewee (Ms. Johnson) is the supervisor for the dining department. Her duties range from minor tasks to things that could really impact a resident in a negative way. She is in charge of making schedules for the employees that work in the dining area. The dining area looks very similar to an elegant restaurant with chandeliers as well as round tables with linen and glasses on them. Ms. Johnson is in charge of ordering new table linens as well as whatever...

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747 words - 3 pages because people feel like others should not get things for free, so I think that's why people argue so much about it". Works Cited 1- Blumerg, A &Davidson A "Accidents Of History Created U.S. Health System" 2014 NPR (2009). Web. 22 October. 2- Les, B." United States. Mandatory Health Care leaves 31 million people without Medical treatment." (2013). Web. 5 October. 3- Petrulla, F." Young, healthy people need to be convinced that health insurance is worth it: Opinion." New Jersey On-Line LLC. (2014).Web. 03 February 4- Dr. Harmych , Sally. Personal Interview. 27 Jan. 2014.

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