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HEALTH CARE: NOT FOR SALE A number of polls conducted in Canada show that adequate healthcare is the number one concern of the vast majority of Canadians. The transformation of Canada's healthcare system is inevitable, Canada?s health care system is in crisis. There are two main possible routes which can taken to solve this dilemma. The first route, the easier, consists of letting our healthcare system evolve in a direction similar to that of the United States. The second, more difficult route requires inventing a new efficient system respectful of the wish for equality in this country and responsive to the desire of each citizen to be able to act independently and responsibly. If we take that route, we will transform the current system, while upholding the fundamental principles for which it has been acclaimed worldwide. Canada's government for the past few years is under a lot of pressure to find basically an alternative for its current health care system. These days, health care funding has been limited because of federal and provincial efforts to eliminate deficits, providing less and less money to the system. The results from this cutback has been hospital closures, staff layoffs, and reduced funding for advances in medical technology. Even though Canada?s present health care system guarantees, in theory, that the same services are available to rich and poor alike, the Conservative Party government, in Alberta, has introduced the beginning of the push for privatization that may change this. A bill was passed recently in spite of massive opposition from labour and community groups, allowing private companies, most of them based in the United States, to set up and operate clinics in competition with public hospitals. This proposal alternative of privatizing health care, however, will lead to numerous disadvantages for the recipients.One major disadvantage to privatization is that it challenges ethical principles, especially fairness, according to which Canadian health care is so famous for. Privatization of healthcare would lead to a threat in the quality of the public system in two ways. First, better quality services would be offered privately, where resources are more plentiful. For example, there will be better equipment, more doctors, and increased personalized care. Second, public suppliers would shift to promote their target group to the private system, because of the outlook for more profits. It is evident that with the invasion of privatization, free-clinics will become places where workers will not care as much for who they serve, patient beds are set up in hospital hallways, and longer waiting times. All these events will slowly bring about less emphasis towards the patients who show up to public hospital doors.It is safe to say that privatization will result in a decrease in the emphasis on prevention of illnesses and community-based health care. This will cause an overall decline in the health of society because companies, in an...

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