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Health Care Profession Education Today Essay

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Education. The forefront of our society and the to some a whole new type of power, but what happens when future generations do not receive an education accustomed to the changes in this world? When it comes to Health Care, mistakes threaten the lives of people all around the world. In the case of medical student, Joshua Liao, the fear of being able to ask questions without ridicule, the environment of the hospital, and an old-fashioned way of learning referred to as “See one, do one, teach one,” cause him to make the mistake of tearing a new mother’s umbilical cord and put her in a life threaten situation (Liao 168). Liao was a victim of a poor education brought on by society’s evolution. Evolution is a process where development and growth lead to a new product. Today we are living in a society were the evolution of technology has influenced the product of a new generation called Millennial’s who learn, interact, and live differently then previous generations. The impact of this new way of life has been seen throughout all features of society and in most cases accepted by the community. Health care education is the one of the exceptions. The reforms of treatments and research opportunities have created a new problem in the world of modern medicine: lacking, outdated education techniques. As our society evolves, affecting the up and coming health care workforce, our education ideals and practices also need to evolve. Mainly education reforms are needed in areas of curriculum, and the over all work environment.
Traditionally, health care professionals are trained in their specific areas, kept apart from those in differing areas, and according to George Thibault, president of Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, once they are completely educated in their field, they attempt to work in teams (Thibault 1929). Until recent changes in social norms, this seemed to work. However, it has been found that a new form of educating aspiring doctors creates better outcomes in patient satisfaction. Inter-professional Education calls for the intermixing of health care professionals throughout their training, creating “well functioning multi-professional teams” (Thibault 1929). This way of educating leads to students building relationships with those around them as they work together to help others. Also, working together throughout training will allow for a better appreciation of the differing jobs done in health care, a better understanding of all the interworking networks, and promotes working together as a team to figure out the best solution to a problem. Simply put by Thibault, Inter-professional Education “is a tool for accomplishing important educational goals, such as teaching students how to assess and improve the quality of care” (Thibault 1929). Furthermore, David Goodman, director of the Center of health policy research, and Russell Robertson, dean of the Chicago Medical School, explain how training focuses on what it commonly referred to as “hospital based”...

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