Health Care Reform Impacts The Nursing Profession

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The American healthcare reform is not a new concept, for it has received national as well as global attention and has been the center of debate in policy making since the early 1900s. With each new presidential office, a new policy has been introduced to the American public; some were welcomed and very popular, while others quietly fell apart. It should come to no surprise that with the Obama administration and the Democratic dominance of the United States government, that a new plan was introduced. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law by President Obama in 2010, which with time will restructure and rearrange the power of healthcare. It transforms ...view middle of the document...

In response to this trend, Theodore Roosevelt, “unsuccessfully supported progressive healthcare reform during 1912” (Lehman, 2013, p. 14).
Throughout the subsequent years and Presidential administrations, healthcare proposals were brought before Congress, but more often than not, other national crises were on the forefront. During the Progressive Era, President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt the people needed some sort of socialized healthcare insurance, but with the Great Depression, social Security and unemployment insurance were higher on the list of priorities. Therefore, in 1935, he first signed the Social Security Act into law and then later he appointed the Interdepartmental Committee to Coordinate Health and Welfare Activities to evaluate the healthcare needs of the American people (Larkin, 2009).
For the following years with the rising costs of healthcare, administrations attempted to propose different government supported healthcare plans but with no avail; for physicians felt as though their independence to practice medicine would be threatened if the government was involved and banded together to fight the campaign. “From 1939 through 1962, the American Medical Association (AMA) focused much of its political and monetary power on arguing that any type of government healthcare system would be socialist, costly, bureaucratic, a hindrance to scientific progress, and detrimental to the doctor-patient relationship” (Knoblauch, 2014, p. 227).
In the 1960s, attention gave rise to how to care medically for the elderly and this attention was the impetus for the debate on Medicare. President John F. Kennedy and his successor Lyndon Johnson adopted this idea. “Americans were highly sympathetic toward the elderly as a group, which made it harder for the AMA and other opponents to engage in open warfare against health reform”...

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