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Health Care Reform In America Essay

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Health Care in America has recently changed by President Obama and reform and changes are heading our way. The Affordable health care act or better known as “Obama Care” is changing the way each American family access and our provided health care. America prior to the induction of this bill had about 15% of its population uninsured, and with one of the most profitable health care systems in place America leads the world in medical advances and technology. Those posses a serious problem, which is how does a country have such success in health care finically but its people remain sick? President Obama has changed that as of March 2010 by placing a Health care system that is going to change the current one to essentially benefit all Americans.
Obama Care the trendy name this bill came to be known as seeks to place reform in the health care system by essentially adding stricter regulations to current health insurance providers. Requiring that individuals that don’t have insurance purchase it. Requires companies with over 50 employees to offer health insurance as well as contribute to their plans. Health Insurance providers will lose the ability to drop and deny people whom are sick or have pre existing conditions, simply because they get too costly or might become costly for them in the future. It eliminates the cost/co-pays that patients pay into for certain preventative care services. Those whom seek to remain without health insurance will see a penalty tax added to their paychecks so it will essentially mandate all Americans to pay for a health care plan and contribute.
The bill is still in its early phases and yearly new phases are taking effect and the changes seek to go forward and have all Americans covered by the year 2020. The bill is not looking to maliciously penalize people or their employers. Tax credits will be offered to those who spend a certain amount on health care yearly and business whom meet the criteria to offer insurance to their employees. The Bill also seeks to compensate individual states that raise the access to Medicaid for certain income groups as to allow those struggling to pay of health insurance to enter the states plan. The bill has many positives but at this stage these are the intended goals and only stipulations can be made as to its success.
The affordable health care act has received its fair share of criticism as well. Opponents of the bill fell that the cost of this bill will be higher that before. People we be seen for more care and more sick people will be diagnosed with illnesses...

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