Health Care Reform: The New Definition Of Socialism

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Health Care Reform: The New Definition of Socialism.
“In 2007 nearly fifty-million Americans did not have health insurance, while another twenty-five million were underinsured”. (Health CS). The United States one of the most powerful countries in the world where a national health care system is nonexistent because there is no financial accountability. Politics, money and bureaucracy have left Americans with doubt, confusion and the worries on how to pay for health coverage. United States should have a national healthcare plan because it will cut down on cost be more efficient and make doctors more financially responsible when it comes to spending money.
Of the people I questioned thirty percent said that the health care premiums are too high another thirty percent had no answer at all. Only eighty percent agreed that everyone needed health care coverage. A hundred percent did not know how many people in United States were uninsured. When I was handing out the fliers I saw first hand the ignorance my co-workers displayed. It was like they didn’t want to give an opinion like I was judging them for what they thought. If asking questions on what you think can have such an emotional response I can just imagine on a national level.
According to the Rasmussen Reports who conducted a national telephone poll have found that forty-one percent are in favor of the healthcare plan while another fifty-four are strongly opposed of the healthcare plan (Health Reform). We live in a country where freedom still means something having the right to choose and make your decisions is the core foundation and what America was built on. The thought of government control really puts fear in Americans because they believe in free market enterprise but that road has led us to corruption and financial waste when it comes to the healthcare system.
As I sat down and watched the movie Sicko by Dir. Michael Morre.2007. Really was an eye opener for me about Untied States health care and why is it so far behind. Countries’ like Canada, France and Cuba have had national health care plans for years and faced the same economic woes as United States or even worse. Cost and money play a big part in health care if they cannot make a profit why change the process even though it is the right thing to do. Also government ran health care system can be just as efficient as private paying system. The health care system in the United States has submerged in bureaucratic red tape where money has taken place over humanity (Moore, Sicko).
The healthcare system in United States is tied up with politics and propaganda that puts a choke hold on the whole process. It was sickening to see the 911 responders after the twin towers incident were going to another country to receive medical treatment. They actually traveled to Cuba to seek medical treatment because the insurance companies wouldn’t cover their claims and drop their coverage. Cuba has one of the most respected health care...

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