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The United States of America is the most powerful and richest country in the world, but you would never know it by looking at the majority of its citizens. The majority of Americans would agree today that the United States Health Care System is in a state of turmoil. On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. This law was enacted to help the American people who do not possess insurance coverage for families or themselves, obtain insurance at an affordable rate. Under this new law, insurance companies must accept and insure patients with pre-existing conditions, who ordinarily would have been denied insurance coverage, receive the same insurance ...view middle of the document...

Families without insurance also cannot afford to keep their children up to date with their vaccines in which they desperately need in order to ensure they experience a healthy childhood without diseases. Our country’s children are the future of the United States and may one day, hopefully, enact laws that will give free health care to all its citizens regardless of their socioeconomic status.
The Health Care System has changed dramatically within the past 10 years. Physicians in the United States normally use and follow what is called the “medical model” approach. When a person is ill, the doctor will heal or cure what is ailing the patient, relying on their doctor’s knowledge and expertise. Doctor’s also do not consider the person’s environment when following the “medical model”. Patients were also taught to put their complete trust and faith in them without second guessing the doctor's opinion. The “wellness model” approach is the complete opposite of the medical model. This approach is becoming the preferred model to use in the United States simply for the reason that it encourages the patient to live a healthier lifestyle and highlights prevention. It is also designed to assist the patient and doctor in working together to promote a healthy lifestyle in the areas of physical, mental, and social well-being.
The 2 common plans of managed care are HMO’s (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO’s (Preferred Provider Organization). These plans are the most prevalent offered to the American people through their employers. The degrees of difference between these 2 plans are unique, but not so complex. For instance with...

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