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Health Care: The High Price Of Medication

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Have you ever thought about the pricing of medication suddenly rising? Most of your allergy medication that is prescribed is a big cut out of a lot of people’s budget. Health care companies are not playing a big role in delivering health services to lower class people, which they should. We all should recognize that our local drug companies are running up the cost of health care. That’s not okay!
To begin with, drug companies are not helping people by providing a series of choices people can choose to get better health care services. One reason pricing goes up is because of fraud. People gaming the system or committing fraud are making the prices increase on a lot of known medications. People who game the system apply false prices on drugs which leads to the government paying companies. To stop this we need to have harsher penalties for people caught gaming the system. Pharmacy’s rising in price because of general and medical cost ...view middle of the document...

Those consumers and employers are having more problems with their health because they cannot afford the high medications that are being prescribed to them. Because of the rising in health care costs 49 million Americans lacked health insurance in 2011. The breakdown of U.S health care spending in 2010 was a total of $2.6 trillion. 51% of the 2.6 trillion went to the pay of medical services performed by hospitals and physicians. The other half of the 2.6 trillion is yet to come up (its location or where it went). Hospitals got the most pay (30.74%) in 2010, that’s because half of that money was used for medical equipment and the other half for pay for medical services that was being performed. According to an article found on the Aetna website “Prescription drugs grew by just 1.2% while hospitals and physician cost grew by 4.9%”. Prescription drugs get 10.01% of the 2.6 trillion that was spent in 2010.
Lastly, the cost of health care cost more with family coverage than single coverage. According to the website of AHIP “experts agree that an estimated 20 to 30 percent spending up to $800 billion a year.” The $800 billion goes to wasteful and inefficient things. According to the website AHIP “more than 1/6 of the U.S economy is devoted to health care spending.” The increase on health care cost punishes our nation of multiple fronts. Families are having trouble balancing food, rent, and needed care due to the rising of health care. For small businesses the rising of health care make is hard for the owner of the business to have more than 500 employers because it’s so expensive. The many causes of higher health care spending and cost. Some of the causes are paying for volume over value and defensive medicine. There’s evidence that provide consolidation which has an upward pressure on health costs.
In conclusion, drug companies are running up the cost of health care everywhere. It’s making people in the world suffer, because they have to pay a lot of money for the medication and health insurance they really need. Even the medicine you take everyday can be costing your parents a lot of money. We need to solve the main problem of health care rising which is stopping pricing fraud.

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