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Health Education Essay

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Health is the most important and essential factor in people’s life; hence, diets and health education come into existence. Day by day, health diets and educations started to change and vary; therefore, some problems began to exist. The consideration of whether better health education can solve these health problems is approved by some people but others do not agree. Because eating healthy becomes compulsory and people begin to have enthusiasm and desire to be healthy and also due to the influence of better health education, solution of health problems is better health education.
Having an education on something makes it compulsory to practice what you learn in real life likewise health ...view middle of the document...

First of all, it is scientifically proven that living longer requires being healthy; in other words, people who are healthy live longer. That is one of the reasons or desires why people want to be healthy. As can be seen all around the world, everybody wants to be good looking and this wish can be materialized by primarily being healthy. For example, majority of the people who want to be handsome or beautiful go gyms because health is the most essential factor to be good looking. Correspondingly, people like to boast about their beauty or body; therefore, they want to be healthy. To explicate, likewise health contributes people to be good looking, it also gives them an opportunity to gasconade. Ultimately, better health education makes people desire to be healthy inasmuch as they want to have a long life span, be well favored and have a change to praise his/her appearance.
Better health education also makes people inspired and enthusiastic about eating healthy because principally, what they see and learn influences them and afterwards they want to practice it and also want to be a model for the people around them. To begin with, each information people learn in health education affects and makes them more conscious. To demonstrate, inasmuch as people are influenced by the informations they learn, better...

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