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Health informatics has developed to address the desires to apply and explore new tools for better health care (2). In the 17th century, Wilhelm Von Liebnitz promoted the idea that it might be possible to represent the entire nature of human behavior is some categorized form. This principle form the basis on which many software programmers and developers view coding. During the 19th century, Charles Babbage created a mechanical device directed at solving mathematical problems which became known as the first computer even though it was actually not successful. In the 1890’s, Herman Hollerith developed a punch card system to manage the U.S. Census data that demonstrated the efficiency of technology without the microchip. This was the major form of data input until the 1960’s(1).
The first electronic computer was developed in the 1940’s known as the ENIAC. It occupied a large room and ran on valves with massive ...view middle of the document...

Shortly after minicomputers emerged, the first personal computer was developed, the Apple II microcomputer. It encouraged average users to indulge in programming and production of software. In 1982, the IBM PC became very popular. Macintosh released their computers shortly after and it introduced a way for users to network using the WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mouse, and Pop down menus) interface. Users found the need to connect personal computers together which resulted in the advancement of Local Area Networks (LANs). LAN structures now communicate with each other creating Wide Area Networks (WANs) with links into mainframe services. This was all possible because of the advancement of the microchip which were mainly developed and produced by Intel and Motorola (1).
Health informatics began as Medical and Nursing Informatics during the 1970’s. The exploitation of computers to aid medical decision making became prominent in the 1980’s (1). Health informatics is defined as a science that addresses how best to use information to improve health care quality, increase productivity, and provide easier access to medical knowledge.
There are 4 stages of health informatics. The first stage is bioinformatics which began in the 1950’s with the introduction of large mainframe computer systems at government organizations, such as the National Bureau of Standards. The second stage is medical informatics starting in the 1960’s when researchers started to develop electronic medical record systems at large medical centers and were financed by government agencies, such as the National Center of Health Services and Development. The third stage, public health informatics, began in the 1990’s. Public health informatics were concerned with data on health and disease characteristics of populations. The fourth stage, consumer health informatics, also began in the 1990’s. This stage allowed patients and their caregivers to better understand their medical conditions and problems due to the increased access to medical information on the internet and disease support groups.

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