Health Insurance In The Us Essay

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Mawada Asad Alrehaili
Stephen Ohene-Larbi

Health Insurance in USA
Health is a priority in everybody's life. If we take care of ourselves then we are going to enjoy many activities in our lives, but if we don't, we will have some issues especially when we get older. However, the good thing nowadays is that people are becoming more aware about their health and we see more and more people doing exercises and eating healthy food in order to stay healthy for a long time. In fact, health insurance becomes a significant factor that contributes in our health and that is why I chose to write about the health care insurance in the United States. I know that health insurance costs ...view middle of the document...

This idea continued to attract more people especially employed ones until the World War II which contributed even more in convincing more people to participate in that health care insurance(3).
When health care became mandatory?. That also was one of my research question. Blough mentioned in his article that the health care became mandatory after car insurance was imposed to the public. Before it became mandatory, it was given for free for poor people who do not have insurance. After it became mandatory, government started to punish people for filing income tax without having health insurance (1-2). However, this regulation left around 31 million people in USA without health insurance. Thus Blough argued that health care is considered an individual's right. "Health care like clean air and water, decent housing, food and quality education is a human right not a thing to be bought and sold for corporate profits"(2).
After the health insurance became mandatory, people start to argue and ask why health insurance is not free?. One of my research question was about people's opinion about health care insurance. Petrulla mentioned that some...

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