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Health Is Threatened By Body Image Concerns

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“Today the average model wears a size 2, and in contrast the average woman now wears a size 12.” (Childress). So do you think it is fair to let some teenage girls and sometimes adult women starve themselves to death just to get to their desired model body? Women and teenage girls often regard their bodies as a problem because of the society’s view to females that they have to be “pretty” in order to be worthy. “Studies of teenage girls in the United States have found that they are growing increasingly insecure and negative in their feelings about their appearance, an increase that correlates with low self-esteem.” (Sherrow). Women and teenage girls are risking their health and even their ...view middle of the document...

When a teenage girl decides to starve herself her decision most likely was made because of the way people look or think of her, therefore ideas have to change. What should be done is that the society must understand that beauty isn’t only about body image, and beautiful bodies have to be healthy. Also, it is very important that models bodies are healthy and are not the thin of a paper because distorted images of modern models play a very important role in the way teenage girls view their bodies. “From chat groups, autobiographies, self-help books, and support groups every individual can find help with their body image.” (Burke). A lot of women and girls are unsatisfied with their bodies images because of society’s standards of beauty and also because of people's judgements. That being the case, chat groups and other forms of help give confidence to girls struggling with their body image, after they gain that confidence and everybody knows the real meaning of beauty, girls and women won’t have the pressure to starve themselves and cause terrible health issues for themselves. “According to many observers, the idea that a body must be thin to be attractive is a beauty "myth," a false idea that causes people to feel bad about themselves. Critics believe such standards can lead to low self-esteem and eating disorders in susceptible people, especially teenage girls.” (Sherrow). The health of teenagers is so important because teenagers are the ones building the future and we must assure them a healthy grown mind.
Most people know that family is where the society starts to build consequently if every family followed the healthy beauty standards that will lead to a better world with greater and sharper minds. Also, healthy young women will have a happier, more efficient life. When eating disorders caused by concerns about body image are stopped, the society will have a...

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