Health Literacy Health Assignment

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A. Websites

a. This website is about how to diagnose health issues, specific procedures to go about, and other tips to be healthy. The site is regularly updated to provide information on the newest medical technologies, doctor recommendations, etc. Also, the website has articles written by doctors, pharmacists, and other professionals about recent news in the health world or studies that have been conducted. This site is extremely organized and has different categories for everyone one might need to know. There are categories for almost every health issue possible, prevention tips, medical advice, and more.

b. I learned that…

· Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that causes horrible muscle pain and fatigue and is common in middle aged people.

· One of the most common sports injuries is jumper’s knee, which is patellar tendonitis.

· Chronic pain can stay active for months or even years and is one of the most painful experiences that lasts a long time.

a. This website has information on typical health topics, drugs and supplements, and how to take care of yourself. One of the coolest things about this website is that they have tons of videos and tools to help you gather even more information and attach visuals to that information. They also have a frequently updated section about updates in health news in the nation. In addition, the website has a medical encyclopedia that informs the reader of different health terms and what they mean. This website is extremely reliable, as it is government affiliated, and provides solid information regarding health needs and basic facts that everyone should know.
b. I learned that….

· The obesity rates in the U.S. have begun to level off, but are still extremely high.

· One out of every 33 babies in the U.S. are born with a birth defect.

· Young adults diagnosed with asthma and diabetes are more than 3x more likely to try to commit suicide.

a. This website is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. It has different categories for parents, kids, and teens so that the information is directed towards specific audiences. The site allows for you to type in a question and it will generate an answer right away with articles and news related to the question. This website has different tabs for every piece of information you could ever want such as: body, mind, sexual health, staying safe, drugs and alcohol, etc. The website also has quizzes on health topics to see how educated you are or how educated you think you are. It’s a super cool site!

b. I learned...

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