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Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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The right to use marijuana for optional medical treatment has been a long drawn out battle between the U.S. Federal Government and the people petitioning for its therapeutic uses. The history on the use of marijuana (also known as cannabis) has been a big deterrent on legalizing this type of drug today. The controversy stems from the medical and legal implications that the U.S. Federal Government has towards the use of marijuana. Others controversies are associated to petitions filed to re-classifying marijuana (a controlled substance) for optional medical treatment. Furthermore, there are conflicts that pertain with the intervention of the U.S. Federal Government preventing patients the use of prescribed marijuana in states that have legislated laws-- allowed for optional treatment (Hall, Degenhardt 689).
The U.S. Federal Government has led everyone to believe that marijuana has no beneficial values in the practice of medicine despite research findings. The process of legalizing marijuana for its therapeutic values has been avoided by our government due to a possible increase in usage for recreational purposes alone. Is the controversy really over the opinions of marijuana having no medical values or is it just an excuse to keep funding our government with billions of dollars each year (Zimmerman, Crumpacker and Bayer 161)? The evidence of scientific research and clinical studies alone should be proof enough to change the current policy governing the use of marijuana. The use of medical marijuana should be an optional treatment for people who are inflicted with a serious illness.
In today’s society the use of marijuana including other drugs like heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine has been a big concern for every parent raising their children. Also in the world of manufacturing the use of pharmaceutical drugs has grown in epic proportion. The U.S. Federal Government has complete control on regulating all (legal or illegal) drugs based on the effectiveness in therapeutic values and the benefits obtained in medical treatment. The government has established safety precautions for the protection of the public’s health under departmental supervision. The development of each new drug and the potential value of a drug in medical treatment are regulated by the Department of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (Jill 278).
Through scientific research and clinical trials it is the decision of the FDA whether to approve these new drugs for the purpose of effective treatment (Joy 138). “Under the U.S. Controlled Substance Act”, the FDA classifies each type of drug under certain categories. The drugs are categorized based on the potential abuse (addiction) and the effectiveness that the drugs have in beneficial values of treatment. The types of classifications are: Schedule I drug– “high potential for abuse and no recognized medical use”; Schedule II drug– “potential for abuse but are prescribable because of their therapeutic effects”; and...

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