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Health Need Assessment On Child Health Services In Pakinsan

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Pakistan compromises a total land mass of 307,374 square miles (796, 095 square km). Extending along the Indus River it follows its course from the valleys of the Himalayas down to the Arabian Sea, bordering along with India, China, Afghanistan and Iran (Geographia, 2013).
The whole Pakistan is divided into four province; Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan and NWFP. The national language of Pakistan is Urdu but different languages are spoken in different provinces. Pakistan is the 6th most populous country having a total population of 179.2 million (The World Bank, 2012). Rural areas in Pakistan are densely populated compromising 63.8% of the total population (Trading Economics, 2010).


Until 2000, the child and infant mortality rates were progressing to attain the Millennium Development Goal 4 until the impact of natural and man-made disasters hit Pakistan (United Nations Pakistan, 2011).

Table 1: causes of under five deaths in Pakistan. (National Institute of Pakistan Studies and Macro International Inc., 2006-2007).

The current under five year child mortality rate in Pakistan is 89 deaths per 1,000 live births while the Infant mortality rate is 74 deaths per 1,000 live births. Unfortunately, this rate is 28% higher in rural than in urban areas. Mainly due lack of education, lack of family planning, Lack of vaccination, low birth weight, mal nutrition, overcrowded houses, and non-breast fed children (National Institute of Pakistan Studies and Macro International Inc., 2006-2007).

An evidence based health need assessment will provide relevant data on prevalence, incidence and risk factors associated with child mortality which will aid in the effective commissioning of services and proper utilisation of the current resources available.


• Manpower- Project manager, Stakeholders, Governor, Local health authority, Data analyst, statisticians, doctors, nurses, lady health workers and interviewers
• Time- As this is a huge project enough time is required to accomplish the goal.
• Place- Official space is required for meetings with stakeholders and other public health informants. Separate place for setting up the equipment for data entry and analyses.
• Finance- Enough money for electricity, travelling, training interviews and other miscellaneous expenses is needed.
• Equipment- Vehicles, Computers, internet, mobiles and telephones printer, paper and other stationary items.

Epidemiological approach
The population of Pakistan will be divided into urban and rural areas. This approach will help us to determine the incidence and prevalence of the health problem, the current health care services, the effectiveness and the cost effectiveness of the health services available (Marshal et al, 2001). Data will be collected from public and private health care centers for both rural and urban areas. This data will be compared with the data collected during health need assessment to recognize its validity. The incidence and prevalence...

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