Health On Diet Topic. Why Health ?? What Shall We Do ?

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Health on Diet Topic

" I exercise regularly but I seldom eat fruits; am I healthy ? Some might ask themselves. Or " I sleep at least eight hours per day, but I rarely exercise, will it affect my health?" to be frank, these people are actually not healthy at all. Foremost, there are many aspects to a healthy lifestyle such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, personal hygiene and many more. Not being able to fulfil anyone of it means that they do not have a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they are considered not healthy. Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health but such conscious comes too late for certain people. Only after they are diagnosed of having some sort of major sickness, do they begin to take good care of themselves. How ironic this is. Moreover, people tend to neglect their health for some reasons that sound totally absurd.

Excuses always the one making rights. "My work is more important, I have to hand in that proposal by tomorrow, do I have time to eat?" as if work is more important, workhaholics are more prone to all kinds off sickness and encounter more health problems. Nevertheless, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved in order to be more healthy.

Firstly, we must have balanced diet, nothing is more than to have a good and nutritious meal. Our everyday diet should include food that provides the nutrient needed for our body to function properly. For example, food containing carbohydrates provide energy. Therefore, there must be rice or...

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