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Health Organization Case Study

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Health Organization Case Study
United Healthcare Case Study – Programs to Empower Citizens Make Informed Healthcare Choices
The health care system in US is the topic of much debate. There have been many surveys done on patient satisfactions and the efficiency of health care provided by the doctors. One common finding is that we have a long way to go if we want all our citizens to get quality health care services. Here, we will see how United Healthcare which is one of the largest health care groups in the US is working towards that goal.
One problem that people face when requiring health care services is reduced awareness of the quality of physicians and the practices followed by them. ...view middle of the document...

It is slowly reshaping the way we live and interact. Healthcare is also an area where technology is bringing in positive changes. The advancement in technology has helped people achieve accomplishments that were unimaginable a few years back. This advancement is also powering up an important area of our life, our healthcare system. United Healthcare, one of America’s largest health care service providers embraces technology and the new innovations to bring quality health care to people.
View 360 is an online tool that gives physicians an opportunity to find the health care opportunities for the patients. Patients are more likely to undergo preventive screening and testing measures if the task comes recommended by their physician.
When a patient gets health care treatment from different doctors, there is a chance of harmful drug interactions. United Healthcare uses technology to find out if a person is prescribed contradictive medicines in real time. This Optum Rx Drug Interaction Program tracks all prescription orders made by a person in real time. If any harmful interactions are suspected, the program will alert the physician who prescribed the medicine. This makes it possible to avoid the stressful and costly process of hospitalization and treatments.
In a proposal to keep up with the advances in technology, United Healthcare has partnered with different organizations and gives its members many free apps that can be used on the smartphone or over internet on a computer. These interactive programs help in understanding healthy habits for children to combat obesity, can also help other person in keeping fit and up to date with the preventive actions and medical treatments.

Singapore Airlines Case Study –Better Human Resource Management for Improved Quality Service
The aviation industry is highly competitive and each of the players in the industry strive for a bigger share of the traffic pie. In the many years since its launch, Singapore Airlines has managed to retain its top position because of various factors. It has been awarded the best airline tag quite a few number of times by the Conde Nast Traveler and also by other awarding bodies. One of the chief reasons for the success of the airlines is how the organization manages its resources. By managing its resources appropriately, the airline is able to provide its customers with high quality service at a lower cost.
The key factor that differentiates one airline from the other is the customer service offered and how the customer perceives the service. An airline can make a positive impact on the customer if its employees perform well. Human resources are the most important part of a commercial aviation company. Singapore Airlines has a strong policy on managing human...

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