Health Policy Board Review

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Health Policy Board Analysis
Mayra Castillo
MPH O653 Public Health Administration and Management
Des Moines University

On February 28, 2014, I attended the Health and Human Services Commission Council meeting in the public hearing room at the Brown-Heatly building in Austin, Texas. The council helps the executive commissioner, Dr. Kyle L. Janek, in developing rules and policies for the commission. The Texas governor, Rick Perry, appoints the nine members of this council from different Texas regions and areas of expertise. Dr. Kyle Janek, Dr. Ben Raimer, Pastor Manson Johnson, Mr. James Richard Barajas, Mr. Thomas Wheat, Dr. Leon Leach, Mrs. Sharon Butterworth and Mr. Anthony ...view middle of the document...

He introduced each presenter and items to be discussed on the agenda. He asked the members if they had questions on the presented information, and requested their motion to approve action items. Dr. Janek presented the Executive Commissioner’s status report to include a summary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) progress and challenges in Texas. He also clarified questions throughout the meeting. The council meeting focused on specific information and action items related to rules.
The agenda was divided in main topics and presented by HHSC administrators.
Information presentations about Affordable Care Act was presented by Ms. Stephens, Director of Social Services; and legislative appropriations request process and timeline overview was presented by Ms. Sabia, Chief Financial Officer. Information items related to: ACA rules regarding emergency amendment to the Medicaid for transitioning foster care youth, and Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance (CHIP) program eligibility was also presented by Ms. Stephens; and hospital specific limit was presented by Ms. McDonald, Director of Rate Analysis. Lastly, action items related to rules regarding to: inpatient hospital reimbursement was presented by Mr. Govind, Director of Rate Analysis for hospitals; managed care expansion was presented by Ms. Zalkovsky, Director of Medicaid/CHIP program; waiver payments to other performers, and reimbursement methodology for physicians and other practitioners was also presented by Ms. McDonald; and substitute physicians was presented by Ms. VanHoose, Director of Policy Development.
The administrators gave a brief presentation to the council of their specific agenda item to describe the changes on the rules for informational or approval purposes. They were also subject to few clarification questions from the council after their presentation. Each presenter was addressed in a...

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