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In this paper will discuss the health care policy debate by explaining the current health policy debate regarding the Affordable Care Act. This paper will showcase the values, markets, and morals as well as the fairness and availability of care. It will look at who wins and who loses and discuss equity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Lastly, this paper will show my own experiences and opinions of the healthcare debate and where I stand on the subject. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March 2010 the purpose of the act is to help uninsured individuals attain healthcare coverage at a reasonable price. “ Critics of the ACA have resurrected doubts about its cost-containment ...view middle of the document...

Recently my elderly mother-in-law is struggling with end of life care. She is not critical enough to go into hospice so she will have to enter a nursing home that has a rehabilitation/skilled care facility, but she is unable to go back home to provide care for herself. In this case the patient loses, she has to give up the comfort of her own home to be placed in a nursing home and pray the she will make it back home.
Equity, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
Effectiveness is defined as the extent to which the policies are achieving the benefit they are supposed to achieve, efficiency can be defined as the extent of keeping costs down which includes monetary costs and equity is defined as the extent to which the benefits and costs are spread among those affected in such a way that no one will receive less than minimum benefit level or a maximum cost level (Nagel 2009).
The Debate
This entire debate has had many at peace as well as many in an uproar. It is all based around financial impact to the government, which also causes impact to the American household. I have to say now that it is 2014 it has affected a lot of people, even those who have employer paid insurance. The ACA has provided millions of insured individuals the opportunity to be protected by health insurance, which yes I am in support of. However many employer plans have increased out-of-pocket expenses with the affordable care effect as well as many Americans who did not have insurance...

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