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Health Problems Due To The Production Of Sriracha Sauce

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Health Problems due to the production of Sriracha sauce
Sriracha sauce was invented in late 1980s, by an immigrant from Vietnamese named David Tran. He started off with a small family company called Huy Fong Foods, a two building place. Due to the increasing demand of the product; in 2012, the production was moved to a 655,000 sq. ft. factory in Irwindale, Los Angeles. Initially, the plant was operating effectively, however in October 2013, the local residents complained about the powerful spicy odor that originates during the production. According to the Los Angeles times, they filed a lawsuit against the company, appealing that the odor was causing trouble in public. They demanded for the company to shut down or hold the production, until they come up with a less odorous production plan. At first, the Huy Fong Foods’ officials cooperated, but later denied having any odor problems. They stated that they have several workers, who work in this kind of setting without any complaints (Shyong, 2013).
The local residents stated that the odor of this plant is affecting their health negatively. The health problems that the residents are facing include heartburn, headaches, burning eyes, irritated throats, and nosebleeds. Not only that, some residents even complaint of having breathing problems like flamed asthma. Over a period of time, these health issues can become life threatening. According to the Irwindale attorney, the odor is powerful that one of the families reported to move a Birthday party indoor after the major effect of the odor. The officials of the Irwindale city stated that this to be a serious health concern, and they will take all essential steps to take care of this (Shyong, 2013).
In November 2013, a LA county judge ordered to delay the ruling until the source of the smell was discovered; meanwhile the production should be on...

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