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Running Head: DESIGNS 1DESIGNS 4Health Research and DesignsKimberly MongoldHPR 460 Analysis of Health ResearchInstructor: Sarah HowellSeptember 07, 2014Health Research and DesignsThis paper is in regard to a cross-sectional study that was used to estimate the prevalence of tobacco consumption and secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure in private cars, commercial vehicles and taxis in the city of Barcelona in Spain (Curto, A., Martínez-Sánchez, J., & Fernández, E. (2011). "Cross sectional studies are the best way to determine prevalence and are useful at identifying associations that can then be more rigorously studied using a cohort study or randomised controlled study. Although they are quick and easy, they do not allow for the distinction between cause and effect" (Mann,C.J., 2003). Although most cross sectional studies are done using questionnaires, in this case the use observation to collect their data. The purpose of this study was to research the health effects from exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in in private cars, commercial vehicles and taxis.The sample size was 2442 private cars, commercial vehicles and taxis on 40 public roads. There were two main variables, total tobacco consumption ,either by the driver or the passenger, and SHS exposure. This study provided an estimation of smoking in some types of vehicles and highlighted the need for public health measures that would be aimed at reducing tobacco consumption in private cars, especially in the presence of children, as well as the enforcement ofmeasures to control smoking in commercial vehicles and taxis (Curto, A., Martínez-Sánchez, J., & Fernández, E. (2011).The hypothesis for this study is that the exposure to secondhand smoke is more prevalent in vehicles. I feel that they used observation for this study because by observing the behavior of the subject without interaction with the subject can provide better results, as the subject being observed will not change their normal habits as they might if they knew they...

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989 words - 4 pages . They also aimed to “synthesize the evidence for the effect on adolescent emotional health of (1) interventions targeting the school environment and (2) the school environment in cohort studies.” The methods that were used were through databases of Medline, Embase, PyschINFO, CINAHL, ERIC, the Social Citation Index, and gray literature. The group used “criteria for inclusion [they] were (1) cohort or controlled trial designs, (2) partici-pants aged

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