Health Risk And Environmental Impact Of Today’s Food

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Health Risk and Environmental Impact of Today's FoodIn today's food industry, a great deal of the produce in grocery stores is Genetically Modified (GM). Many people are unaware of the purpose, the environmental risk, and health risks that go along with production of GM foods products. GM food products started with good intentions to stop hunger across the globe, but the environmental risk and health risk outweighs the good that comes with the production of GM foods. One of the biggest health concerns with GM foods is the overexposure of antibiotics and many other medications. Resistant super viruses and super bacteria are the outcome of the overexposure of antibiotics and many other medications. The environmental risk will be detrimental to our planet if the production of GM food products continues. Without any minerals or vitamins left in the soil help nature with the production or reproduction of vegetation. Production of GM foods, with the risk this product poses on our nations, needs to be halted before the issues spins out of control at an alarming rate with no way to stop it. The future of our nations are at stake and is in our hands, do you want a future where nations are disease stricken, land that is unable to produce viable vegetation, and wild life that is wiped out, without treatments or cures for diseases and a land bare of vegetation without wild life running free?GM food products were established to help end hunger throughout our nations. Many feel that GM food products will aid with the world's continually expanding population and to end hunger. Since the number of people on earth keeps increasing (over 6 billion, and expected to double within 50 years), and the amount of land suitable for farming and raising livestock remains constant, more food must be grown and raised in the same amount of space. Genetic engineering can make plants and animals that will give farmers better yields. (chaudry par. 6) Although, by creating and altering our foods, this has created larger concerns throughout our nations.The nations we inhabit are on a trajectory to a pandemic of super viruses and super bacteria that are being developed through genetic mutation, the overuse of antibiotics, and the over exploited use of medication being used to enhance better yields from crops and livestock. (Beever par. 24). For example everyone has Staphylococcus aureus as normal bacteria on their skin, but with all the antibiotics, medications and gene mutations being used in GM food production the normal bacteria is flourishing and resisting the antibiotics and medications used to contain the normal bacteria. (Unknown par. 13) Our human race is not only receiving antibiotics and medication for illnesses, but is obtaining them through eating GM food products as well. The genetic mutation of cells and genes don't stop once they are eaten, it attaches to normal viruses and bacteria, which helps the normal cells facilitate resistance to medications and antibiotics....

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