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Health Tech Review

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The subject I choose to review about is electronic medical records. Technology has changed the medical field immensely and one of these is electronic medical records. This article is about the usage of medical records in the surgical field.
Roeder(2009) states,“The Electronic Medical Record is a comprehensive patient health care record within a single health care facility captured in a native electronic format entered into a database, transcribed from an electronic tablet or notebook computer, or in some other manner. From its inception, all data are captured electronically. The information is then transferred to a server or host environment, where it is then stored electronically.” (p. 678) Another term for electronic medical records is electronic health record or EHR.
In my own experience I have worked with electronic and paper medical records. In my own experience electronic medical records are much better than paper medical records. Electronic medical records are ten times more easier to keep track of, easier to find necessary information, and important valuable information is not lost. Paper records tend to be messy, hard to keep together and takes forever for patient data to be sent to the doctor. I once worked at a home health agency that used the paper record system. I was the records clerk and had to maintain and create all the records. It was very hard to keep the medical records all together. I was constantly having to deal with the nurses coming in grabbing paperwork and throwing the record wherever they see fit to leave it. I also had nurses take paperwork and put it back anywhere in the record. It made filing claims ten times harder. A claim is where the patient's treatment is coded numerically and then billed to the insurance company. I now work in a facility that uses only electronic medical records. Its a time saver and makes doing important insurance work such as a authorization easier. A authorization is a document a biller gets from the insurance company that approves the services the patient gets. Also electronic medical records ensure that the patient's record will be at the doctor's office in a shorter amount of time....

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