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Health Term Paper

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World Health Organization (WHO) report indicates that the United States spends a big portion of its gross domestic product on health care annually than any other country in the world, but still the country is ranked at 37th out of 191 countries in the WHO's ranking of health care systems. It so unfortunate for the nation to spend so much and yet its healthcare delivery does not add to the cost. More money is spent yet this does not translate into better quality no wonder it is ranked 37 despite being the biggest spender on health globally (WHO, 2013).
When certain health parameters of United States of America such as infant mortality and life expectancy are compared to other developed countries such as Australia and Norway, the performance of U.S is worse off. The nation also tops in the number of deaths which can be prevented by early diagnosis and treatment. Although citizens of U.S pay more for health care, they have far much fewer appointments to medical physician annually than citizens of other developed countries. The cost spending a night in an American hospital costs 5.6 times more than it would cost a person in Japan. U.S spends about $2,797 more for each person on yearly basis that any other developed nation, although 47 million people in U.S lack medical insurance. Is it possible that the huge cost of health care goes towards developing medical technology or for having free choice of providers? It has been estimated that at least 30% of health care services that is usually delivered in United States of America is not necessary since they do not contribute towards making people who are sick healthier (Henningfeld, 2009).
Research studies conducted on patient of various regions of Medicare ranging from high cost to low Medicare region indicate that there is no significant difference on impact of healthcare delivery to patients on different categories of Medicare. In fact the study findings indicate that patients on high cost Medicare region who always spend more days in hospital have a high probability of dying than those patients within the low spending regions. Visiting a doctor in U.S seems to make a patient more sick and vulnerable to diseases which should not be the case (Henningfeld, 2009). The Obama administration vowedto cut down the unnecessary spending in the health care system both in the government and private sector.
Majority of the working population in America have medical insurance via their employer. This implies that they are not likely to be aware of the rising costs of private insurance cover. Between 1988 and 2006, a health insurance premium at a rate which is three times the rate of inflation. Workers are paid lower raises as much of their money goes towards enriching private insurance companies. Among the insurance...

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