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Health Vs. Revenue Essay

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Health Vs. Revenue- A Humanitarian Concern
America has always been looked at as one of the powerhouses of the world but the Childhood Obesity epidemic has been troubling this powerful nation for a long time. According to the UnitedHealth Group and the United Health Foundation, Childhood obesity has tripled over the last thirty years leaping from 5% to an unimaginable 20%. Researchers from the American School Health Association (ASHA) have stated 32% of American children and teenagers are considered to be obese. As many believe, one of the main roots of this national crisis has to do with how public high schools in America, particularly in a bucolic area, contribute to this grave issue. In earlier times, schools were pivotal for setting up the foundation for a student’s glorious career and helping them both physically and mentally, but in today’s world they are responsible for increasing this pernicious ‘state of body’. The straightforward cause is “an excess caloric intake compared with caloric expenditure” (Wechsler 4). Public Schools, especially in less-cosmopolitan cities, are responsible for providing unhealthy-junk or “competitive food”, as it is more profitable for them, which has resulted in multiplying this crisis over time. Schooling authorities have forgotten and need to realize that “ Health and Success in schools are interrelated. Schools cannot achieve their primary mission of education if students are not fit mentally, socially, and physically” (NABSE). In this materialistic world, one has forgotten that health is more valuable than wealth, public high schools by providing cheap competitive food are responsible for increasing this disorder. As the success of the country greatly depends on the strength, determination, and the perseverance of the youth of the nation, public schools, which are responsible for providing unhealthy food to their students, should take mandatory intervention steps to curb this problem before it’s too late.
Recently childhood obesity has been counted as one of the most crucial inveterate and chronic disease amongst twelve to seventeen year old students (Lowry, The effect of socioeconomic status on chronic disease risk behaviors among US adolescents). As stated, the prime factors are poor eating habits of students and unhealthy food served in public schools. The American youth has been known for consuming “ too much added fat, added sugar, and highly processed food and too few fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy products” most of which is served in public schools (Gosliner, Would Students Prefer to Eat Healthier Foods at School?). These foods provided in High schools are usually of low nutrient value and also contain surplus of saturated fats and sodium. According to the School Nutrition Dietary Assessment (SNDA) 44% of middle school students and 55% high school students were consuming “competitive foods daily, which, was responsible for an excess of 171 to 219 low nutrient calories”. The...

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