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Health Care And Insurance Coverage Essay

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Everyone knows that in order to be a functional human being, your health must be in order. Bacteria and diseases can be devious forces if someone's system is not equipped to fight them off. In order to prevent said things from attacking our immune systems, we go to the doctor for guidance in the areas of taking care of ourselves, but going to these doctors has a price. Most people living comfortably would tell you that their insurance covers ever bump and bruise that appears on them, but what about those who cannot afford health insurance? Luckily for them a document, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, was signed into law by President Barack Obama so that they may have the same opportunities for coverage concerning their health. It is necessary for everyone to have health insurance to prevent the spreading of diseases, end the depletion of the population due to illness, and to keep the core of America's workforce healthy.

There have been several epidemics and outbreaks in our nation and in other areas of this world due to weak immune systems and no form of preparation to counterattack bacteria cells entering the bloodstreams of the population. As time progressed and technology advanced, those in the medical field discovered ways to stop certain reactions before they happened or cure them once they have already began to damage an individual internally. But if there is a large sum of the population unable to afford the things necessary to receive the aid that will boost their health, then diseases will only continue to circulate and morph into even more dangerous compositions that will eventually overpower our medicines. And if we are unable to tame the new viruses, the human race may cease to exist.

Hundreds of thousands deaths in the U.S. annually are attributed to illnesses of several kinds. Something as simple as a cold can be the deciding factor between life and death for someone who has no way to treat it. Sometimes people are just misinformed as to what they should do when sickness overwhelms them. Other times it is those who are turned away from treatments because they are not covered and cannot afford the high prices that exist in the medical world. Without the proper attention many individuals suffer and eventually pass away without anyone to care.

No one works efficiently if they are not feeling well because poor health can take a lot of energy out of you. Sometimes people take sick days...

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